Replica IWC Flieger Chronograph Watch Review

Pugwash submits another article to Replica Watches Australia Report, a popular writer with a great approach to watch reviews – and photography. Thanks Pugwash for the allowing us to reprint your piece and others from other esteemed watch forums out there. Here, we’ll be spending some time with one of the new IWC replica watches that has hit the virtual racks. It’s a great standard for other replicas to aspire to.

IWC Replica Review

Here is an objective review of the replica Flieger Chronograph from replica watches IWC, just recently made available. Fliegers were made for pilots – the name phonetically suggests the German/English similarity for the word ‘fly,’ coupled with a suffix that would translate to ‘chrono that.’ The real things have been around since ’36. This piece, the 3706, 39mm in diameter, was recently replaced by the 3717, 42mm in diameter. It’s meant to piggyback on the popularity of IWC replica watches main watch the Big Pilot, which is definitely a biggie. The sleeker simple design is nicer than the that of the replacement and seems to have been the inspiration for other creations, such as the Flieger design from Fortis.

Replica IWC Big Pilots IW500401
Replica IWC Big Pilots IW500401

IWC Replica Watches Australia

This replica version’s movement is an Asian 28k 7750, with no dial-moving modifications. It therefore ought to a bit more dependable that watches with moving dials. Follow the directions for the 7750 and you’ll be totally ok. All the original’s features are present in the copy and they’re pretty much identical. Sash provided me with this one, so I wasn’t worried about it’s quality. If it put out in the first week, which Asians are known to do, then I knew it would be taken care of. Always check with your dealer about things like that.

Here the case is made of brushed steel, and it fits in nicely with the black/grey aesthetic of the watch. It has a classy monochromatic look that I personally really like. There’s a difference in the case – it’s not the same depth – but you can hardly notice. Additionally, the anti-reflection coat is missing from the glass, but you can still see just fine. Maybe it’s got a very thin coat I’m thinking, as many replicas do.

This watch has a screw-in crown featuring the IWC replica wathes australia fish aesthetic. It seems like the pushers and the crown aren’t exactly the right size, but without the real thing to compare to, you wouldn’t know it.

The bracelet is actually the identical MooCroc that comes on the Portuguese Chrono that replica IWC makes. It’s 20mm, has a brushed clasp, iwc replica watches and is really nice to the touch. I certainly won’t replace it any time soon.

The major mistakes with this replica are all dial-related. The twelve and nine sub-dial numbers should be horizontal but they’re not. There are also three little dots that are missing on the twelve subdial. Finally, the twelve and six sub-dials should actually be rimmed in white. If the dial got better with the next version, it really would be almost perfect.

I’ve made an exception here and used another person picture without asking for permission, which I’ve never done. It’s a photo I cropped of the real replica watches, off of the Joyful Collection website. You can click on it I believe and you’ll find the IWC replica watches in their home environment so to speak – but watch out, it’s all Japanese.

It’s obvious the difference between the sub-dials – you can see them in the picture and compare them to the replica. Some flaws yes, but nothing major enough to make this watch undesirable to me. Make sure to just check about the sub-dial hands if you buy – they should be white. It’s a recent fix that was done – older replicas have them silver mistakenly. A great classic and great to have it in replica form now.