Tips on How to Find the Best Watch

Tips on How to Find the Best Watch

We sometimes hear that “the watch is the only jewel for the man”.

It is true that the watch is a strong accessory to complete the whole look. It can perfect the latter as well as demolish all the elegance that you have tried to build. The watch must be chosen carefully. Otherwise, it is better not to wear one!

Good watch

The watch you wear must sign your personality, beyond the notions of good or bad taste: you must love it. It’s more like choosing perfume: it must not be an object to “have” to be put on your wrist to finalize your look but, on the contrary, it must fit into your look as if it were part of you.

Your watch is not the thing that has to be seen first. But it is a detail that must be noted and must bring a positive note to you.

Which watch to choose?

There are two types of watches: “mechanical” or “quartz.”

Mechanical watches

Mechanical watches suffer from a “grandpa” image amid the general public. However, there are many innovative designs among this type of watches (sometimes too futuristic). But, to have quality, it is essential to aim at the high end.

Goodbye to the Russian mechanical watches, from Eastern Europe or elsewhere! Indeed, they are made of poor quality steel, and the design makes the parts mesh poorly between them. They will break very quickly and sometimes will be unrepairable.

Today, buying a quality mechanical watch that will give you style will require a high budget. Indeed, we must also take into account the maintenance. It is necessary to have a little knowledge and passion to recognize the good deals.

Mechanical watches also include hand wound watches and automatic watches.

An automatic watch is furnished with a set of parts called “automatic module” which allows resetting the watch (“to restore energy to the engine”) at the discretion of wrist movements during the day. We put our watch before going to bed, and normally we pick it up the next morning, and it still works. No need to reset it unless it has been worn for a few hours/days (depending on the power reserve of the watch). So you have to move to make it work!

A manually wound watch must be reset daily to work. Just turn the crown (it takes less than a minute in the morning and evening) to give energy to the watch.

An automatic watch, therefore, offers an undeniable advantage and comfort of use for not much more expensive than a manual winding watch.

Quartz watches (or “battery”)

Quartz watches have an important advantage over mechanical watches: they are ultra precise. The quartz movement remains more precise than the high-end movement.

Another plus point: you have a range of really wide choice. The budget is more affordable, and the maintenance consists of an inexpensive battery change. For your information, for the high-end a complete change that will be quite costly.

Which watch style to choose?

First of all: You have to really try the watch.

The golden rule to follow is simple (and it’s the same as for glasses): you have to see AND try the watch yourself! No buying on the internet without trying the watch, it’s really important!

Why? Because even if you have all the technical information, a photo or a 3D image is not worth the reality. Just like buying a garment, you need to know the materials.

The size of the watch

The watch must be proportional to your wrist. It is also a question of feeling. Therefore, you need to try it first before buying it. It is essential to avoid tiny watches that feminize the wrist and oversized watches whose lugs protrude from your wrist.

In the same sense: no crown or huge push buttons on the sides, it is a total absence of finesse and elegance (be sure to see if you can take the crown. Usually we touch it from below with the nail and then pull).

The materials

For the bracelets: avoid at all costs the plastic. It’s cheap and gets worn out badly.

Choose leather or steel such as gold, platinum etc. Aluminum has a good ratio of lightness/resistance. Warning: if you have an allergy to leather or steel, avoid such the materials.

There are also so-called “NATO” straps that have a military origin. They are extremely resistant, comfortable and hypoallergenic. They have a sporty connotation and bring an undeniable touch of relaxation (which can give an interesting contrast).

For the case: they are often plated or rhodium plated (a thin layer of gold, rhodium or other was applied to the base material for aesthetic and technical reasons). If you have a watch plated, warn the watchmaker before he does his repair. If he polishes to remove a scratch, the surprise is bad!

For glass: they are often Plexiglass (it is so-called “sapphire” glasses for the high-end). There are also some “scratch-resistant “. The small scratches can be removed through polishing. Otherwise, you can also change the glass.

The criteria to be taken into account

Bracelets: not too futuristic, not too striking compared to the watch, comfortable, easy opening and closing and safe.
The Lugs: they must be consistent with the case.
The case, the crown, the pushers: they must not be too big.
The glass: avoid the magnifying glass on the glass to be able to read the date.
The dial: avoid the flashy colors, if you want a white dial: avoid an off-white/beige/cream is still better), avoid logos of marks too imposing.
Hands: not too big! Not too much luminova (fluorescent luminous paste), avoid hands in shape of hearts, spades etc. The blued hands are the most beautiful effect. No digital display.

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